A Cardano Stake Pool run by Artists for Artists

Support the Development of Tili.Gallery

TiliPool is the Cardano stake pool of Tili.Gallery, a CNFT platform for visual artists and art collectors.

It's our mission to introduce traditional artists to Cardano, help them navigate the CNFT space and provide a platform to exhibit and sell their art.

100% Green Energy

All our servers run on 100% renewable energy from wind and hydropower.

Single Pool Operator

Decentralization is very important to us, so we will only ever run one stake pool.

20 Years Experience

We have more than twenty years of experience running server infrastructure.

Staking with us

You'll find our pool by searching for TILI in the staking or delegation tab of Daedalus, Yoroi or ccvault.io.

We're a relatively new pool and we have yet to produce our first block, so your rewards will be low and less predictable in the beginning.

By staking your ADA with a smaller pool, you're effectively improving the network's decentralization and supporting the mission.

TILI Pool Stats

Our Infrastructure

A stake pool is made up of two types of servers: one block producer and several relays. The relays act as a shield between the block producing node and the rest of the internet.

The relays are located in different datacenters but all our servers communicate over a private network for maximum security.

Our main block producing node is located in Germany, and there's a backup block producer on standby in Finland.

Click or tap on the server icons above to get more information about every one of our nodes.


If your have any questions, you can contact us at hi@tilipool.com